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March 13, 2015
Make Money as a Voice Actor
March 13, 2015

Voice Acting Tips You Need to Know

They say that in the world of voice-over acting, there’s a small group of actors who get all the work. Well, that’s only half true. Here’s why:


There are many voice actors who desire to work but few who book. That’s because very few actually invest in training. Yes, everyone has a unique voice, but without training and experience, you won’t be able to do much with it. Working in TV Commercial voice-over is all about your level of skill. If your goal is to to get paid consistently, you’ll need to have certain tools in you’re creative toolbox. Here are a few:




You should master creating feelings and moods with your voice. Professional actors are able to paint pictures using words. Voice-over work is as much about story telling as it is about the quality of your voice.




Six figure voice-over actors are excellent at reading copy in a specific time frame. TV commercial producers work in small increments of time. The average commercial length is thirty seconds. When you arrive for the recording job, there is limited time to prepare, and the VO artist needs to be able to quickly read the tone of the copy. The tone can vary from warm to urgent. A good voice-over actor can read a script and instantly know what tone to apply.


Legal Read


In the commercial world legal reads are for the elite VO artist. Legal copy is the fast paced dialogue at the end of a commercial explaining the side effects of a drug, or the terms and conditions of a cell phone data plan, etc. It is the copy that is functionally necessary for an advertiser to put their spot on the air. This type of voice over requires a special skill, much like stunt work in the live action world. If this is something you desire, you must work on developing a technique. Actors who are good at legal reads are among the highest paid in the industry.

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